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MPM DIN 43650

mPm® Valve EN 175301-803 Connectors and Cordsets (formerly DIN 43650)
EN 175301-803 (formerly DIN 43650) Connectors and Cordsets are a reliable and robust quick-disconnect alternative to hardwiring for remote actuation of solenoid valves on the factory floor. Choose from the largest selection of DIN field-attachable, molded DIN and DIN accessories which include lighted adaptors/surge protectors for the 18, 11, 10, 9.4 and 8mm classes of DIN valve desgins.

mPm DIN connectors are manufactured to meet the hydraulic and pneumatic de facto standard for quick-disconnect connectors. mPm connectors support all DIN 43650 connector sizes, providing you with solutions for connecting all your solenoid valves and pressure switches & transducers.

mPm Product Overview
Lighted Circuit Adaptors
DIN Field-Attachable Connectors

DIN Cordsets

DIN Switches/Sensori
DIN Plug-In Modules
DIN Splitters

Junior Timer