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Brad Harrison/Woodhead Product Line

Whatever your lighting conditions, wherever your location, chances are Woodhead makes the portable light that best serves your needs. From fluorescent hand lamps for routine task lighting to the innovative series of HAZTEX hazardous duty lights for wide area illumination - all over the world, in dry, wet, and hazardous locations, workers depend on the rugged, reliable performance of the Woodhead brand of portable lights.
Want the facts about wiring devices? Talk to experts who work in some of the toughest manufacturing environments imaginable. Ask MRO managers who are responsible for keeping sensitive electronic equipment up and running in wet or corrosive conditions. Consult with construction engineers, who demand wiring devices that consistently stand up to abuse on the job. Inquire at hospital, where an added margin of safety is absolutely critical. Time and time again, the professionals will tell you who they count on for durability and performance - Woodhead.
SST™ communication modules are available for various industrial networks and fieldbus including: Modbus Serial, Modbus TCP, PROFIBUS DP, and AS-interface. Fully integrated into Rockwell Integrated Architecture, SST™ modules provide Rockwell users the best solution for their networking needs. Module hardware and software are 100% designed, developed and produced in Molex facilities. Molex is a Rockwell Encompass global partner.
Indoors and out, underfoot and overhead, portable power products from Woodhead are safe and dependable sources for temporary power distribution in virtually any environment. Workers count on our broad line of NEC and OSHA compliant industrial grade portable outlet boxes to get the job done, no matter how tough the conditions. Exceptionally durable and highly impact-resistant, yet lightweight and easy to transport, Woodhead industrial grade boxes are the ideal combination of strength and functionality. Each non-conductive enclosure is formed of sturdy NEoTEX® rubber which resisits oil, shock and chemicals.
Woodhead offers both standard duty cord reels and industrial duty cable reels to meet a variety of specific power supply needs. All are engineered and built to provide a safe, dependable power supply over years of rugged service. For added safety, each features enclosed electrical contacts.
Long standing users of electrical products know the name to count on for dependable and durable electrical specialty products - Woodhead. Overhead, underfoot, in hand, everywhere from construction sites to convention centers, Woodhead pushbuttons and test instruments are built for years of safe, reliable service.
The Brad Harrison Mini-Change connector family provides connections for 12 and 18mm proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors, limit switches, and hydraulic valves commonly found in industrial applications involving conveyors, packaging equipment, material handling equipment, and automated assembly equipment.
Micro-Change m12 connectors can be found on a large variety of both input and output connection points. A variety of sensors, switches, safety light curtains and mats can benefit from "quick-disconnect" forms. For control output connections such as valves, solenoids and indicating light towers, the Brad harrison Micro-Change connector family provides a reliable and secure connection.
With a full selection of 3- to 5-pole connector solutions, Nano-Change m8 connectors provide options for every application in industrial automation and instrumentation. To satisfy space saving requirements, Nano-Change products are designed for use with miniature control components, proximity sensors and photoelectric sensors.
The Quick-Change connector family has served a variety of industries for more than 20 years. Use Quick-Change molded connectors to quickly and safely replace motors (from fractional to 5 HP) on pumps, conveyors, cooling fans, grinders, saws, and other equipment while protecting electrical connections from water, dust, oil and other contaminants.
mPm and Brad Harrison devices offer a comprehensive solution for output device connectivity that satisfies virtually any industrial application. Valves, solenoid pressure flow switches or coils can be brought into a single industrial-rated junction box for a complete "plug and play" solution. This reduces field wiring time, provides for a quick change-out of failed components, while wiring the system right the first time. mPm DIN connectors provide the connection and, in most cases, the protection of solenoids on the robot, valve banks on the cooling system and flow meter inputs into the PLC.
Applications with a high-density of input or output connections can greatly benefit from an MPIS system. Typical industries where these pre-wired, potted junction boxes are used include machine tool, electrical products fabrication, packaging machinery and valve banks. MPIS systems have replaced junction boxes in such demanding applications as outside lighting, rail cars, and offshore oil rigs - anywhere that a molded, potted pre-wired connection solution saves wiring time, prevetns mis-wiring and is exposed to harsh environments.
Discover the wide variety of control connectors, safety plugs, and dual round connectors that Brad Harrison has to offer. For nearly 30 years, these Brad Harrison products have reliably served industry, providing secure electrical connections or ensuring safe lockout conditions on heavy-duty machines.