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Profibus-DP Master/Slave (112016)
Brad® SST™ PB3 Backplane communication module connects your Rockwell ConrolLogix controller to PROFIBUS networks

Each module has a communication port that act as PROFIBUSDP Master and/or Slave protocols to exchange data with other PROFIBUS compatible devices.

Brad® SST™ PB3 module is delivered with its “Add-On-Profile” (AOP) for easy integration into the ControlLogix® system using the RSLogix 5000 software. The data transfer from the Brad® SST™ module to the ControlLogix® processor supports 2 modes; a “direct mode” allowing mapping of PROFIBUS data in I/O processor image (496 input bytes / 496 output bytes) and a “pagging mode” allowing access to 1984 input bytes and 1968 output bytes of PROFIBUS data from user-defined data space set up into Logix CPU memory.

Save your time, the Brad® SST™ module doesn’t require any ladder logic programming to be used. The configuration is created using Windows engineering console software connected via RLL (Remote Link Library) functionality allowing a remote access to the Brad® SST™ module for the configuration and the diagnostics through Rockwell network architectures (Ethernet/ControlNet/DeviceNet).

Backplane Communication Module-Profibus-DP Master/Slave (PDF) (203KB)

Ordering Information
Part No. Description
SST-PB3-CLX-RLL Combo Profibus Comm. Module for ControlLogix, 1 Profibus DP Master/Slave, RLL
SST-PB3-CLX-RLL-CC Combo Profibus Comm. Module for ControlLogix, 1 Profibus DP Master/Slave, conformal coated, RLL
SST-PB3-SLC Combo Profibus Comm. Module for SLC, 1 Profibus DP Master/Slave
SST-ASI-SLC AS-i Comm. Module for SLC, 2 Master channels/card
SST-PB3-CLX-DTM Brad SST Profibus Scanner for AB ControlLogix, RLL & CommDTM driver license
SST-PB3-CLX-DTS Brad SST CommDTM updated driver license for PROFIBUS scanner
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