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Brad® applicomIO Ethernet/IP Network Interface Cards

Brad® applicomIO Ethernet/IP network interface cards provide powerful and reliable data acquisition for PC-based control and visualization applications.

Some of the world’s most demanding high-speed control and automation applications run on standard PCs using Brad applicomIO fieldbus interface cards. Dedicated DCS and PLC systems have been eliminated in favor of open platforms running PC-based control systems.

Brad applicomIO products have been designed for industrial applications independently of the fieldbus used. OEMs, system integrators and end-users can take advantage of developing standard control applications as well as selecting the fieldbus connectivity required from the Brad applicomIO product range.

A real Turnkey Solution
Brad applicomIO configuration software console provides a standardized and user-friendly environment for quick development of communication applications without the worry of knowing industrial communication protocols. The console saves time during the commissioning phase by offering features such as automatic device detection, user configuration management, diagnostic information, etc.

Features & Benefits:

  • Support of Windows 32-bit and 64-bit (WoW64)
  • Support of PCI Express 1x form factor
  • Reliable solution based on embedded protocol technology for powerful data throughput
  • Single-time development of API for whatever fieldbus used
  • “User-friendly” engineering tools for configuration and diagnostics

Brad® applicomIO EtherNet/IP Network Interface Card (PDF)

Ordering Information
Part No. Description
DRL-EIP-PCU PCU-ETHIO Ethernet card for EtherNet/IP Scanner/Adapter, PCI 3.3/ 5V
DRL-EIP-PCIE PCIE-ETHIO Ethernet card for EtherNet/IP Scanner/Adapter, PCI Express 1x
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