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DeviceNet Control Over the EtherNet

Brad® SST™ remote scanner for DeviceNet provides high-speed control using Ethernet to replace the PC bus preserving PC application investment

The SST™ Remote Scanner for DeviceNet controls and monitors I/O devices connected to a DeviceNet network without the need of a local PC. DIN rail mountable, multiple SST Remote DeviceNet Scanners can be connected to one Ethernet switch which is then connected back to a PC residing on an Ethernet network. The PC allows users to remotely access I/O and diagnostic information from the SST Remote DeviceNet Scanner and the DeviceNet network.

    Benefits include:
  • Backward compatible DLL preserves existing investment for SST DeviceNet card users
  • DIN rail mounting allows distribution to machine level
  • Frees up PC slots by placing scanner cards remotely
  • Manage your DeviceNet application across an Ethernet LAN
  • Reduce infrastructure costs by using cheaper Ethernet cable and fewer and less expensive PCs

Remote DeviceNet Scanner(PDF) (2.05 MB)

Ordering Information
Part No. Description
SST-EDN-1 SST™ Remote DeviceNet Scanner, Ethernet remote connection, DIN rail, IP30
SST-EDN-1-C2 SST™ Remote DeviceNet Scanner, Ethernet remote connection, with cable kit, DIN rail, IP30
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