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The NiAc insulation material shrinks up to 40% faster than comparable nylon or polyolefin products, saving time in new wiring or for repairs. Shrinking at 90° C, half that of nylon, polyolefin prevents wire insulation damage or degradation due to overheating.

Perma-Seal waterproof adhesive terminals and splices provide long-lasting, moisture-proof connections that withstand many corrosive fluids (which cause serious problems for conventional, unsealed splices).The inner wall of the heat-shrinkable Perma-Seal sleeve is lined with a special hot-melt adhesive that permits wires to be inserted easily into the splices and terminals. Seal repels moisture or dust incursion even during pressure cycling in compliance with MIL-T-7928.

The tough and durable sleeve of Perma-Seal splices and terminals resists abrasion and cutting. This protection helps to maintain the insulation and sealing properties even in the most hostile environments, inside and out.

Features & Benefits

  • Shrinks 40% faster than Nylon or Polyolefin tubing: Improves efficiency and minimizes labor cost
  • Shrinks at a low temperature of 90°C: Prevents accidental damage to wire insulation
  • Lined with hot melt adhesive:Completely seals the termination area and heals any splits in insulation caused by crimping
  • Excellent insulation clarity: Easy to see wire conductor is fully inserted into crimp barrel before crimping
  • Abrasion resistant: Prevents wearing caused by excess vibration
  • Broad range of terminal styles: A terminal for every application

Perma-Seal™ Terminals

Ordering Information:
For more specific information call (262) 233-1891 or e-mail: sales@grossautomation.com
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Perma-Seal Part Numbers and Specs Permaseal Ring and spade tongue style products
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